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I am Hedvika and I stand behind the whole Marysa Art jewellery shop, I create and design the jewellery, I build the eshop and I take all the photographs you see in here. I personally pack the jewellery and walk it to post office every time.

Let me introduce my assistant Muffin who is my devoted fluffy designer and support every day, she has the right to be proudly introduced here too!!

Marysa Art is completely my one woman show with a little help!

This small jewellery business started when I created jewellery for my family and myself, and I was looking for ways how to offer my creations to other people. Jewellery is perfect object where art, handmade artisanship and practical purpose come together. I was looking for some satisfying hobby for a long time and jewellery is finally something I can do it all myself in my small flat. That makes me very happy:-)

How to journey started

After doctoral graduation in Theoretical physics (Gravitation and particle physics) in 2010 I started to be desperate to do something with my own hands, something real, practical and beautiful. I used to make such things when I was in my teens but then math interest started to dominate. Well. I came to local art school for painting and watercolour courses which led me to discover local market with handmade crafts and jewellery. I found that new materials for several techniques are available to buy which was not possible when I was young in Prague due to communistic regime. I bought material for jewellery making and I  gradually learn on my own. Right now, I have all the material distributed in boxes all around my small flat.

I have started to create origami jewellery which was motivated by mathematical character of origami, then I went for beads. Czech republic is a world producer of glass beads therefore there are really a lot of resources for beaded jewellery and I enjoy the fact I can choose beads directly from manufacturers. Obviously I came to metal jewellery. I attended a metalsmithing course at the Academy of Arts in Prague in Autumn 2015 and one year later I obtained certification as a jeweller with precious metals. On the side I have built this website and I present my jewellery directly to you. My plan for the future is to become independent jeweller. There is a long journey ahead of me!

How I create and why to buy from me

I prefer to create in slow design technique. This means that I prefer to make durable jewellery with high quality local materials in small series or collections which might last for a long time. This is valid especially in case of metal jewellery collections. I concentrate on original designs. I sketch the jewellery, make models (wax or paper or clay), then make a prototype which I test on myself. I test metal jewellery for longer time and polish all the details I do not like  for more customer satisfaction. The jewellery you can find in my shop is result of long hours of work and I hope you will enjoy the visit of my shop!

Thank you for reading!!


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